Our network of direct publishers combined with advanced media buying capabilities give our advertisers massive reach that scales across every digital enviroment and advertising format. Our clients can rest assure that their ads will appear in a brand safe environment previously verified by our brand safety team through the use of recognized third party ad verification tools. This is simply one of the many reasons why successful brands choose to work with us.

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Ad formats


Display advertising has a base role in the modern online marketing mix. With thousands of optimized and highly effective impressions from our partners campaigns we assure to drive your brand to a global scale reach with top performance-based marketing tools and channels. Let us proove we’re a valuable partner.


Online video ads are likely to receive three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats and is expected only to increase their revenue. We have the strong understanding of the audience targeting and performance metrics for digital video ads with millions of video impressions served every week. We will drive your video campaign to all its goals.

creative ad units



We can provide you with mobile video ad units. These units include in-banner or interstitial units for web-based browsing or full-screen takeovers and interstitials for in-app experiences.


Video Slider

A video slider unit slides onto the page in the lower right hand corner. The player moves with the viewer as they scroll down the page and is always above the fold.



Interstitial ads, appear between two content pages and are typically displayed for 20 to 30 seconds as a full-page takeover. The ad appears after the user leaves the initial page, but before the target page displays on the user’s screen. These high-impact units are typically are not user-initiated and when completed, disappear as the page transitions to the ensuing content.


Pre-Roll Video

A pre-roll video is a linear video ad spot that is shown before the video content plays. The publisher’s video content begins playing as soon as the pre-roll ad is completed. Pre-roll ads vary in duration, normally between 15 to 60 seconds.

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